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An ORIGINAL Poem, is a great way to express
Your thoughts for anyone, that will truly impress.
This special gift you give, your thoughts in rhyme
Will be memories they will treasure, for all time.

Have in words a portrait - a snap shot of their years.
Of good Times and Bad, Laughter and Tears.
Reminding them of this event, and others that have past.
When their older and wiser (or wider),
looking back at life and how it travelled so fast.

An Original Masterpiece, our in-house poet will create.
Presented on a Traditional Scroll, with their name and date.
With your selected Gorilla Gram package, send them on their way.
To deliver it with Gifts or Balloons on any Special Day.

A gift you'll give, that will remain unique for all time.
An heirloom to be passed on to future generations along the line.
This point in life, will never happen again.
Just like the past - and even now - and just then

So have a poem written - One thing you'll never regret.
All those special moments, that one day you might forget.
And if not recorded, they'll quickly pass by.
Though there's always a record, that's completed the day we die

Information Guide
Please use the following topics as a guide to help you gather information
You may write it as a story format (preferred option) or in point form. Then EMAIL

Embarrassing Moments:
- Driving (any bumps?)
- On Holidays

Their Childhood:
- Any incidents?
- Unusually Stories?

- Reason?
- How they got that name?
General Likes - Why?
General Dislikes - Why?

Eating Habits
Drinking Habits
Smoking Habits

Future Dreams

Temperament Or any funny stories
that might slightly embarrass them.
Song, Things, Sport
Artists, Place etc..

- Funny Habits
- Funny Sayings

- Work Related

- Are they a Pet Lover?